Coastal Marine Biolabs Guided Explorations

Overview. The Guided Explorations program provides opportunities for academically talented high school students to conduct self- directed research projects during after-school and weekend hours under the mentorship of CMB scientists. Through this program, students have investigated nervous system development in model genetic organisms, created DNA barcode libraries of commercially important kelp forest fish species, compared differences between marine gastropod snails using nuclear and mitochondrial genetic markers, assisted scientists in developing a pattern recognition system to link contours of anatomical structures (otoliths) to fish species, and contributed genome materials to Ocean Genome Legacy, an East Coast marine research institute and genome bank.

The program is ideally suited to students who wish to undertake advanced, science-based studies at CMB to enrich their college/university admissions applications, or to complete thesis or science fair projects.

Enrollment. Enrollment in this program is limited to students who have satisfactorily completed a resident session of CMB’s Integrative Biosciences Program. The enrollment process begins with the submission of a Letter of Intent to conduct independent studies at CMB. For students interested in conducting field and laboratory work for school-related projects (e.g. science fair or thesis projects), letters of intent must be must be signed by the appropriate school official(s) before submission.

After a 2 – 3 week review period, CMB scientists will arrange interviews with prospective student researchers to assist them in developing a Research Proposal based on their ideas. Prospective candidates are advised to contact CMB for program requirements and guidelines.

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